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PRIVACY POLICY is an online matrimony portal endeavoring continually to provide you with premium matrimony services. We are strongly committed to your right to privacy. We have drawn out a privacy policy statement with regards to the data collected from you. We use a secured server for storing Credit Card and/or Debit Card transaction to protect the payment information of our clients and cookies are used to store the login information.


·         What are the types of information you need to give in to use this website?


·         We collect data from users and visitors who apply for the various services. Our portal provides, it includes but may not be restricted to, first name, last name, e-mail address, your specified password, mailing address, zip/pin code, telephone number and/or fax number.


·         Once you create a payment account to pay the fees we charge, we collect a few additional information, including credit/debit card number, credit/debit card expiration date a billing address and tracking information from money order or checks.


·         How uses the information to collect/track?


o collects information from users to ensure an effective life partner search. Public information provided by users is accessed by visitors for finding profile and matching purposes. All members can be identified by their first name as well as the unique user ID, generated and shared at the time of registration. All users are provided with an option of providing their telephone number or mobile number as part of their contact information, nevertheless only our premium members have an access to the information of the users.


·         We collect users email ID; this information is used to verify the account and to send system mail on behalf of other members. Email address are not shared with other members. We may also use users email address to send news regarding our website, however, the users would have an option to unsubscribe if they do not wish to receive emails.


·         All the other private information, provided by the users, is deemed confidential and is not disclosed, except as required by the law or to protect


·         You do not need to take any action to keep your information confidential. We protect your privacy from external accesses.


·         We are committed to helping your privacy all times.


·         For security reasons we do not recommended that you send non-public personal information to us by email.


· Site may contain other website links as a part of business; we are not responsible for the privacy practice of those websites including the partner websites. Members and/or visitors need to check policy statement of other website links under their site.


·         Our website has high security levels in place to help protect against the misuse and change of the data under our control. Our site is accessed by users and have various security tools in place that protect data using both server authentication and data encryption, to help ensure that data is secure safe, and useable only to you.


·         All the visitors need not pay. All visitors can browse the site without filling any personal information or paying money.


·         To unsubscribe, members are requested to login to the relevant pages for unsubscribingthe service.


·         We collect information from our users mainly to ensure that we are able to fulfill your needs and provide personalized service.


·         Any questions or queries regarding the statement or the practice of this site should be directed to security administrator by mailing question to email We may update the privacy policy from time to time.